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How To Hire An Influencer

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Whether you’re hoping to hire Instagram influencers, Youtube Influencers, Twitter Influencers, Pinterest Influencers or Wantbrd Influencers you need to think carefully about what you hope to bring to your brand before starting the process.


Firstly, you’ve made a great start is the leading platform for hiring Social Media Influencers of all sizes, from micro Influencers to the biggest Influencers as well as bloggers and social media marketing experts!


How can I recruit paid social influencers


  1. Think about the audience that you would like to bring to your brand and whether this correlates with the audience of the Influencer you want to hire. There’s little point hiring an Influencer with an audience that are not your target market! If you sell woman’s clothes hire a female fashion Influencer, if you sell vacations hire a travel Influencer

  2. Next, work out your budget. Hiring an Influencer need not be expensive, and hire R.O.I. can be gleaned from hiring micro Influencers. A general ‘Influencers Wanted’ brand campaign ad can be placed on for free and from there you can view the profiles of all applicants to see their previous content creation to assess whether their style is suitable for your brand, view their portfolio of paid brand collaboration work, see their social media stats and start a dialogue with them to see if they are a good fit for your new social media campaign.

  3. If you would like expert help in approaching Influencers for your brand campaign, you can also search SuperSocialClub for social media marketing experts, Influencer agencies,  as well as any other service you may need. You can choose to search globally, or if looking for someone with local expertise you can narrow social media professionals down to location, eg, ‘Social Media Agency London’, or ‘Social Media Agency Sydney’. Super Social Club is the industry’s Social Media Marketing hub and their are all the resources you may need to find success with influencer marketing campaigns at your finger tips, including a handy forum to chat and learn with Influencers, brands and content marketing professionals across the Influencer marketing industry.

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