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How To Hire YouTube Influencers

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Why should your brand partner with YouTube influencers?


Before we begin, lets just throw some stats and predications out there shall we?


  • Every second, 1 million minutes of video content will cross the network by 2021 (Cisco)
  • It would take someone 5 million years to watch every video added to the internet every single month in 2021 (Cisco)
  • YouTube see over 1.8 million logged-in users each month (businessinsider)
  • A Variety study found that 7/10 subscribers related more to their favourite YouTubers than TV or movie stars
  • According to research by Media Kix, 40% of millennials believe YouTubers understand them better than their peers

Clearly YouTube, and video content in general is hugely popular and shows no signs of slowing down.  By some estimations 80% of all web traffic will be video based in the next year and most of this is going to originate from YouTube.  Furthermore, the influence YouTubers hold over their audiences is vast, and from an advertising perspective this is a goldmine of consumer eyes-on activity for brands, products and services.


So, as a brand with products and/or services to promote, how do you find YouTubers to work with and what are the costs? Well, read on!


YouTube influencer & brand collaborations


Below we will explain the main things to consider when planning to work with YouTube influencers on an advertising campaign:


Find genuine, authentic YouTubers

You don’t want your product or service to be promoted in a video that in any way feels forced or fake, connect with YouTubers that come across well in their videos when promoting other products and who are knowledgeable in your niche.


Select YouTubers by niche, not followers

Follower count is important, but not more so than ensuring your chosen YouTuber is speaking to an audience who care about what you are selling.  Seek out YouTubers primarily by finding those who are already active in your niche or cover topics that your brand services. Then look at follower count.


Use custom links and/or coupons for tracking success

Once your campaign is out there you’ll need a way to track the ROI.  The easiest way to do this is by creating custom URLs leading to specific landing pages or offering discounts using unique coupon codes.  You’ll then be able to see exactly how many customers you get off the back of the video.


How do I find YouTube influencers?


Some of the larger bloggers will work with agencies, and exclusively, so you if you’re open to paying the big bucks for the best YouTubers then you’ll need to reach out to agencies. 


If you’re looking for YouTubers with a smaller profile, you are likely to find them on an influencer marketplace (like SuperSocialClub!). From there you’ll be able to review their biographies, assess their reach through YouTube as well as any other social platforms they are active on and see examples of other brands they have worked with along with feedback.  All of this before you have even contacted them. 


Creating a shortlist this way can save a lot of time in the long-run. 


What sort of videos should I try to create for my brand


Working with a great YouTuber is important, but if you combine that with a badly planned video you’re wasting your money.  Here is a list of do’s and dont’s when you’re brainstorming ideas for how you can promote your brand with your chosen YouTuber:


YouTube video marketing do’s

  • Build an interesting narrative around your brand, get people interested first and then weave your products or services into that story.
  • Identify a problem that your products or services can help alleviate


YouTube video marketing dont’s

  • Just focus on how awesome your product or service is, the audience will see straight through it.


What types of videos can I expect to create with my YouTuber?


Testimonials / product reviews

According to many studies, young people now consider influencers as the most trustworthy source of information and recommendations, eclipsing that of even their friends and family.  That’s a lot of clout that influencer yield, something they will be acutely aware of and will not want to compromise. If you have followed the rules you’ll already be working with a YouTuber that respects your brand and so no compromise should be necessary for them to honestly sing the praises of what you’re offering. But be sure to let the YouTuber manage this the way they know best, don’t be offended if they are critical about aspects of what you offer – this is a more real, human approach and could actually work positively for your brand.


Brand storytelling

This requires a little more effort than testimonial / product reviews but can have a bigger pay off, you’ll just need to make sure the video doesn’t come off as a too ‘over promotional’. Developing a short film for instance, can be a great way to promote a product or service and will help the video to stand out amongst a sea of un-boxing and review videos that may exist for other products in your niche. 

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