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Influencer Marketing – Building Authenticity

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If you’re looking to gain exposure for your brand, influencer marketing remains an excellent method. Recent studies show influencer marketing standing out as the fastest growing online customer acquisition method, with 80% of marketers opinion being that influencer marketing is effective.


However, planning your influencer marketing strategy thoroughly is imperative, to create exposure that reflects your brands image in a way that feel authentic to your target audience. Here are four simple yet essential tips that will help you build authenticity and help you get the best out of your influencer collaborations.


1. Own and manage your influencer relationships 


Having an involvement in identifying and building influencer relationships is critical. Only by getting to know the influencer directly establish a valuable ongoing relationship. 


Brands that see the most success with influencer marketing have learned to develop long term relationships and collaborate with them regularly. Just like in traditional advertising, repetition creates familiarity, so the more frequently an influencer talks about a product they like, the more likely it is that their audience will sit up and take notice. To get started, you can and should engage with as many potential influencers as you can, to find who’s is a really great fit for your brand.


By putting the effort into building and managing genuine influencer relationships, collaborations will feel more organic, therefore gaining more engagement.


2. Choose influencers whose lifestyle matches your brand


Don’t choose influencers solely based on how many followers they have or how much engagement they get, without paying enough attention to their specific lifestyle as shared with their audience.  


It’s important your story is told, by influencers whose lifestyle is closely in-line with your brand’s target consumer demographic e.g. if you are selling an organic skin care product, look for influencers that share stories of their own healthy lifestyle.  If the match is authentic, their audience will connect with the content.  If you pick any old influencer you may be showing your product to an audience that are unlikely to be interested.


3. Let the influencer do their thing!


Don’t try to take too much control over what the influencer posts, you chose them for their creative style, and so do their followers! 


Be bold enough to give influencers the creative freedom to speak about your brand in an open and authentic manner.


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