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Influencer Marketing Trends For 2019

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Influencer marketing has been growing exponentially in recent years, growing into a core marketing strategy for most organisations with the industry as a whole expected to reach more than $10 billion by 2020. With all this growth, new trends are constantly emerging.  So without further ado…


The top influencer marketing trends for 2019:


1. Data Driven Metrics

Growing concerns over follower and statistical fraud, mean simply evaluating influencers based on basic metrics like followers is a common mistake for rookie marketers when selecting Influencers.


In 2019, the abundance of data now available to profile will lead Influencer Marketing strategies and determine how brands select influencer partnerships. Rather than focusing on singular metrics, brands will evaluate influencers across a spectrum of factors such as creative affinity, engagement quality, growth rate, audience matching and more. 


2. Video Content

Many expert marketers agree that video content will represent 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2021. Building a community of multi skilled influencers gives brands a cost-effective way to produce videos that are native to social channels, appeal to a targeted range of audiences, and can be scaled up quickly to meet demand.


3. New Kids On The Block

Instagram and YouTube remain the most popular channels for influencer marketing. 


In 2019, we’ll see brands diversify their approach to advertising and influencer marketing, and shift their focus towards targeted, industry-specific channels like Pinterest and Twitch, as well as emerging channels like TikTok.


While none of these channels will unseat Instagram as the dominant force in influencer marketing, brands may see high value returns on investment in targeted audiences focused on specific verticals.


4. Influencer-Driven Brands Will Move into the Mainstream

It’s never been easier, or cheaper, to start a digitally native brand than it is today. If you have the audience and the influence you can turn your talents in to money.


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