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How To Manage Your Blogging Schedule

Blogging is a lot of work! One of the best ways you can make keeping on top of your blogging to do list more manageable is by scheduling. Read on to find our top tips for keeping on top of your blog!



Batching is when you complete many of the same or similar tasks in one period of time. Instead of writing a post with a headline, image, post body, etc, you might like to write all posts for the week in one go, edit and upload all images in one go, etc. It can be easier and more productive to work in this way rather than switching between different tasks and the different tools required.
Batching is also useful for managing your email replies, scheduling social media, general writing, researching, finding images, etc.



This applies to both time and content. Having an organised schedule makes makes it much easier to get tasks completed. Take the time to assess the time you have available to you and decide how you will allocate the times to the tasks you would like to complete.
If you’re scheduling your social media, use your on platform analytics to see when your followers are most active so that your posts are most likely to be seen by as many of your followers as possible. Make time in your schedule to respond to comments and interact with other users, engagement is important and buildning a real community is a top priority.
Thin about when you’re at your most efficient. Some people do their best work in the mornings, some people prefer to work in the evenings. Make the most of your most productive times!



You can automate plenty of things for your blog, free up time for writing and engaging with your readers.

Email canned responses are really handy if you find yourself answering people with the same information over and over.  You can automate the responses to be sent based on the criteria you choose – often sender, subject, keyword, etc.


There are a plethora of useful apps for automating your social media accounts, be sure to visit the ‘Tools’ section of this site for the best. No longer do you have to wait for posts to go live before you manually update them to your Facebook! Or set reminders for when you wanted to tweet out your link based on when your audience is online. There are plenty of places to go where you schedule a bunch of posts to go out at a time of your choosing. Sprout Social CoSchedule and Buffer, and there are plenty that you can use for Instagram and Pinterest – some examples are Schedugram, Latergramme, Viraltag and Ahalogy.


Organisation and planning are key to running a successful blog, a little time taken to work out what you need to do and how best to spend your time doing it pays off many times over!

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