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What is CoSchedule?

Influncer tools - CoSchedule

CoSchedule – an essential blogging tool that can manage your social media messaging, blog post publication and editorial calendar – all from within WordPress.


‘Proactively plan, schedule, publish, automate, engage, and measure all social activity from a single source of truth. See all of your past, present, and future messages in advance. Create full-scale social campaigns for your next event, product launch, or major marketing initiative. Draft and schedule related messages for all of your accounts in a timeline view. And if you need to reschedule, simply drag and drop your campaign to update your entire publishing schedule in seconds. Automatically share your messages at the highest traffic times for each network. Maximize your social reach and create engagement that generates results—without the time-consuming guesswork. Create the perfect social sharing plan for every promotion—blog posts, events, podcasts, and anything else you need to share. Save each schedule, fine-tune your messages for maximum engagement, and apply your reusable template to populate your calendar with promotional social messages in just a few clicks. Fill in the gaps of your posting schedule—with complete control of the days, times, and sending frequency—to seize the most engagement across every account. Set your best messages on autopilot, and know with confidence your messages are sent to the right places (at the right time)… with minimal effort. Follow up with incoming comments, messages, and mentions across all of your social accounts within a single inbox. Answer questions quickly, support your customers, and build your community to increase brand loyalty.The proof is in the numbers. Run reports to identify your top social content, measure campaign performance, and gain valuable insights on specific social profiles. Now you can easily prove the value of your work to your boss/stakeholders.’

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