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What is Feedblitz?

Influncer tools - Feedblitz

Feedblitz – a great tool for managing your RSS feeds and email.


‘No Limits. Simple Pricing. Complete Customization.


No cap on your subscriber list. No cap on your delivered messages. Add all the custom funnels and custom fields you want. And there will never be overages or hidden charges. Rest assured you’re sending with one of the industry’s highest deliverability rates. All the features you need.


With support to match.


Email Marketing is how you connect with your market in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. Whether you’re speaking to blog followers, customers, or colleagues, you’ll find other than direct contact with these individuals, email is the most reliable form of communication. You need only an email marketing platform that is reliable and dependable for you.


You need an email marketing platform that is reliable and dependable, but it shouldn’t stop there. From better email subscription SmartForms to API and Integrations to connect with all your favorite apps, FeedBlitz delivers. Whether you’re a beginning blogger, experienced content marketer, eCommerce specialist, multi-national enterprise, social media agency or public safety agency, FeedBlitz has you covered.


Realize your success, get your word out and relax just a little more. We can help. FeedBlitz delivers more than just your email. With our US-based support, you can talk to a live person in minutes about any questions you have about how we can help you reach the email marketing goals of your company, from independent bloggers to Fortune 500 companies. Start your free 30 day trial and find out if FeedBlitz is right for you.’

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