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What is Meet Edgar?

Influncer tools - Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar – a social media strategy tool.


‘Your social media on auto-pilot starts here.
MeetEdgar makes it easy to schedule and automate your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! From writing posts for you (seriously) to re-posting evergreen content, Edgar has you covered! Easily upload your content manually, using bulk import, or set-up an RSS feed to automatically import blogs or articles. Assigning these to our color-coded categories keeps your content organized! Tell Edgar when you want to post. For example, you could schedule motivational quotes on Monday mornings, blog posts on Wednesday afternoons, or conversation starters on Friday evenings. That’s it! Your social media accounts are set up. You can focus on your business while Edgar makes sure your feeds are active and your social content stays fresh. Some would call this freedom. Your content drives your business. MeetEdgar provides all of the automation, social media content management, reporting, and human support you need to maximize the reach of your organic content on social media.’

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