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What is PicMonkey?

Influncer tools - PicMonkey

PicMonkey – a useful tool for creating visual content for your blog.


‘PicMonkey has the easy-to-use tools you need to create stunning social posts, cover photos, ads, and more. Powerful design tools that are also easy to use? You got it. Create unique digital assets with versatile text tools, vector graphics, effects, and more. Share work with the whole team, organize and store all your designs, leave comments on image files, and even create together in real time. Hundreds of artist-made templates, sized right for social media posts, flyers, biz cards, and more. Just click-and-replace our pics and text with yours. Transform images with dazzling filters and effects. Easily add text and graphics to your photos, or get advanced with cloning and masking tools for a pro look.’

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